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Sexy Abigail just discovered that her friend Vanessa broke up with his man, so she called and invited her to the pool. Vanessa was initially a little sad, but after going down to the pool and sharing some drinks and the girl talking to Abigail, it was clear that she felt much better, better to show appreciation.

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Abigail’s support and understanding, she drew her friend toward her and started kissing her gentle lips and brought her hands up and down her wet body.

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The girls took off their swimsuits and dried and Abigail invited Vanessa to sit on a white leather chair and spread their legs wide so that she could sink her hot tongue between her soft pussy lips and eat her.

She wanted to do this for a very long time and to be honest, she was very jealous of Vanessa. She licked her cunt, fingers cupped her and rubbed her mu and then allowed Vanessa to crawl between her legs and lick her cherry.

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Vanessa has never been with another girl, this is completely new to her, but Abigail is a gentle lover and when she puts her down on all fours, spread her sexy ass Out and stuffing her smooth tongue into her virgin ass hole, Vanessa realized she is now an official lesbianas colombianas lover and she is also in love with her best friend!